21 or so (unlisted) reasons to be thankful in 2021 – The year that made us stronger

October 8, 2021

Lauren Bech-Hansen and Estefanía Lovera Marín

When we think about 2021, the first thing that comes to mind is that it was really just a continuation of 2020, like the sequel to a bad movie that no one ever wanted (or asked for). We entered this year on the same note of uncertainty that marked the year before it, not knowing if the collective nightmare that began back in March 2020 would finally be over.

Undoubtedly, 2020 was one of the craziest years in modern history. It was difficult, it was unexpected. But isn’t there a silver lining in every dark cloud? As we look forward to Thanksgiving this weekend, what about all we’ve learned from this experience?

Well, looking back on 2021, it seems that we learned a lot: more than 3.64 billion people worldwide have received a COVID-19 vaccine, new businesses are on the rise, it has been a very good year in the stock market and the world’s economic recovery is in full swing.

Above all else, however, 2021 reminded us of how important it is to be thankful.

We wanted to get into the spirit ahead of Thanksgiving Day, especially as it continues to be a trying time for many. Below are just a few of the reasons members of our team are thankful this particular year:

Chloé, Account Director

I am thankful that this year made me stronger. We all went through a challenging year. However, we all lived a very different version of it. Some rose through personal accomplishments and family bubbles, some felt far away from everyone and on pause. But one thing is certain, getting through this past year and a half required more strength. Getting stronger is important because life will keep taking its toll, with the good parts and the bad parts. Resiliency isn’t innate, it is built. So, I’m thankful for being a stronger version of myself. To my future self: you can thank me later.

Hayley, Senior Account Coordinator

  • Thankful that I live in a neighbourhood where I can enjoy walking around and exploring
  • Thankful that I have an able body to exercise and go outside
  • Thankful for the green spaces and parks in my area
  • Thankful for CAFFEINE
  • Thankful for the quality time I get with my friends and family

Janine, President & Partner

I’m thankful for Toronto’s amazing hospitality industry and for the patios that allowed me to see my friends and colleagues this summer.

Catherine, Senior Account Director

It has certainly been a trying year in many areas of life. However, 2021 is a year that has actually been very good to me and those I love. Most importantly, my family has remained healthy and happy, which was my (and I’m sure everyone else’s!) wish from the start of the year. Knowing that my family and loved ones are safe makes all of the long days spent apart through the pandemic worth it.

On a more personal level, I’m so thankful for the new opportunities that have come my way in 2021. From starting the year with a big move to the suburbs and rescuing our dog Hurley, to getting engaged and completing my CM designation (which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the incredible K&P team), there is so much to be thankful for. I’m very grateful!

Angela, Senior Account Manager

  • For COVID vaccines and for being able to go back to the office once in a while
  • For working with the most empathetic and supportive work team anyone could ever ask for
  • For having gone through a very difficult time earlier in the year. It strengthened my relationship with my coworkers, who today I call friends, and most importantly with myself.
  • For keep getting healthier throughout the year, both physically and mentally.
  • For the best partner in the world, who got to meet the professional version of myself he hadn’t met before the pandemic, and tolerated all my moods (and eventual breakdowns) with love and compassion

Stef, Account Coordinator

I’m thankful for the chance to see all of my immediate family, whom I haven’t had the opportunity to reunite with since 2016, to welcome my long-awaited baby nephew who is arriving into our lives in January 2022; for my loving and supportive partner who has been with me through it all, making my life much better than I ever thought possible; for my partner’s family, who is in fact my family too and who has welcomed me with open arms from the beginning; for Olivia, my crazy French bulldog, who makes my days lighter with her dorky and loving personality; for belonging to a team full of talented, hard-working people with an incredible energy and who are always so supportive of each other, and for being able to host friends and family at home and enjoy gym classes, restaurants and bars again!

Chances are most of us are grateful for eased restrictions and the opportunity to go back to a somewhat “normal life” – whatever that means for each person, but it still feels great to say it out loud, or well, write it out in our case.

Anyhow, this is the type of acknowledgement that keeps us grounded and fulfilled and don’t we all need a little bit more of that anyway?

So… What are you thankful for? Even if you don’t want to share it with the world, saying it to yourself and just taking a moment to think about it is more than enough to bring a renewed sense of joy and appreciation for your life!

And on that note, Happy Thanksgiving weekend! For all the reasons above – and so many more – let’s remember to stay thankful all year long!

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