A Day In The Life Of A Kaiser Lachance Student

November 14, 2018

Daisy Kaiser

My name is Daisy Kaiser and I’m here at Kaiser Lachance for Take Your Kid to Work Day. I’m going to talk about why I might want to be in Public Relations, what I hoped to learn today, who inspires me and if I could live in any city, where would I go.

Why am I interested in Public Relations?

I might like to be in PR for three reasons. The first is because I’m good at public speaking. I enjoy it and public speaking is a big part of PR. The second reason is that I can work well with others. And you can’t be in PR if you can’t collaborate with other people. The last reason is that I like helping others. The whole idea of PR is helping other companies with reputation and helping them promote themselves. And that would be something I think I would enjoy.

Today, I came in to look at what work is like for my dad and everyone in his office. When I came in today, I hoped to learn how and why he does what he does, why I might be interested in PR, and all the things that happen around the office day to day.

Who inspires me?

I’m inspired by my parents. My mom because last year she took a job at a law firm, a place where she didn’t have much experience, researched and studied and became great at her job through lots of hard work. My dad inspires me because after leaving his job at Fleishman Hillard, he and his partner built a successful company from the ground up, and even though it took a lot of work, he never gave up. And he still spends quality time with his family, like going up north to ski every weekend in the winter.

If I could work in any city in the world, where would it be?

I love Toronto, but if I could choose any other city to live and work in, it would be Paris for three reasons. The first is that Paris is a beautiful city that is so different from Toronto and I would love to experience something really different and exciting. The second reason is I can fluently speak French and I love it. It is such a fun language that I’d like to speak more of. The last reason is because there are so many opportunities to learn about the rest of the world when you leave home. You experience so many different things and learn so much more.

I’m happy to have spent my Take Our Kids to Work Day at KLC. I think it gave me a good idea of what a career in PR could look like.

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