Celebrating recent promotions at KLC!

June 7, 2018

Janine Allen

Pop the champagne! We’re celebrating four promotions at KLC this week.

Catherine Snider

Catherine has a keen understanding of her clients’ business needs and challenges. She fosters strong relationships, which has made her a go-to resource for both our clients and junior team members. Her ability to remain calm under pressure, while delivering meaningful results has earned her the well-deserved position of senior manager. Congratulations Catherine!

Erin Griffin

Erin’s natural talent for client service and passion for all things PR have contributed to her exceptional growth at KLC. She brings a passion to what she does each day, which is evident in the award-winning campaigns in which she has played a key role. She is a fantastic coach to junior staff (teaching skills she gained in her first career!) and champion for her teammates and clients. She has been promoted to manager. Congratulations Erin!

Maggie Hall

Maggie has impressed all those around her with her financial communications acumen from day one. She is an incredibly hard worker who takes the time to get to know her accounts from the inside-out, proving to be an invaluable member of our team. For these reasons and more, Maggie has been promoted to manager. Congratulations Maggie!

Angela Pinzon-Romero

Angela quickly demonstrated her value to the KLC team when she joined in 2017 as an intern. Her attention to detail, dedication to her accounts and strong work ethic are admirable. Angela is valued by her clients and her colleagues and is incredibly deserving of her new title: senior coordinator. Congratulations Angela!

Heartfelt congratulations go out to all our deserving KLC team members celebrating this week. We truly have the #bestteam!

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