Digital Brand Effect

October 1, 2016

Diana Conconi

The Nielsen Company

Nielsen has created a software platform that measures brand equity metrics in real time in order to see how a campaign has performed against its goals.

The software measures “brand lift,” which is the percentage increase of engagement, opinion and awareness of a brand as a result of an advertising campaign. The metric can be used by marketers to see how their promotional activity has affected consumer perception of their brand. Perception is broken down into “awareness, attitude, favourability, intent and preference,” and is measured through web-polls with a test and control sample.

On top of customer observations of brands, Nielsen looks at these additional factors when determining brand lift:

  • Frequency of ad exposure
  • Creative units or messages
  • Distribution across sites and networks
  • Campaign duration

While the digital brand effect assesses whether a brand name is strengthened in the mind of a consumer following exposure, it does not attempt to quantify or explain its value.

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