Estefanía Lovera Marín

Senior Account Coordinator, Montreal

With knowledge and experience in public relations and social media, Estefanía is a creative communications specialist responsible for supporting K&P’s team and clients in their communications efforts and goals. She believes that integrated communication solutions are much more effective and cohesive when it comes to shaping a brand’s image and reputation.  

Estefanía loves tackling challenges and learning new things along the way. She has a keen eye for detail and thrives in dynamic settings where she can constantly bring innovative ideas to the table. Her enthusiasm, sense of initiative and proactivity help her deliver results that go beyond expectations.  

In her previous role as social media manager for a digital marketing agency, Estefanía successfully planned, created and delivered content for a variety of brands and their different social media platforms, all while building engaged audiences and keeping track of metrics and KPIs 

Having worked as a client content specialist for a leading global newswire service, she acted as a liaison between a wide variety of corporate clients as well as Canadian institutions across all levels of government and the local, national and international media.  

Estefanía holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Concordia University, where she also completed a Diploma in Journalism Techniques. She is fluent in Spanish, English and French. 

Work superpower: “Switching hats gracefully as needed.” 

Non work superpower: “Aspiring minimalist with a knack for photography and a mild obsession with Olivia, her French bulldog.”