Gabrielle Poirier

Senior Account Manager

Gabs is passionate about taking client ideas and transforming them into impactful and memorable consumer focused campaigns. She applies unique and authentic creative strategies that aligns with the needs of her clients.

A seasoned PR professional, Gabs has honed her expertise in media and influencer relations, internal and external communications strategy, and digital/experiential marketing. Her experience and industry knowledge are widespread, having worked with clients across a broad range of industries including food and beverage services, B2B, retail, healthcare, cannabis, sustainability, corporate, farming, mining and more.

Gabs has executed client initiatives directed at a variety of audiences to drive positive brand awareness, foster loyalty through consumer education and launch new and innovative products. Her creative approach to digital marketing and passion for storytelling enabled her to deliver an award-winning social media video campaign, which earned an IABC Silver Leaf Award of Excellence and 3 Creative Summit Awards.

Additionally, Gabs has extensive experience in assisting clients through crisis situations, helping them effectively communicate and maintain their brand reputation during times of adversity.

Gabs attended the University of Ottawa before completing a Public Relations and Strategic Communications Advanced program from Durham College.

Work Superpower: “A Creative Juggler: Ability to successfully handle diverse projects, priorities, subjects and dynamic deadlines with creativity and calmness.”

Non-work Superpower: “Animal Whisperer.”