Yas Khavarian

Graphic Designer

Yas is a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a deep passion for motion graphics and video-making. Her journey began as a Microsoft Paint fanatic, where she would immerse herself in crafting stories and bringing them to life one pixel at a time. With an Honours Bachelor’s degree from the York University/Sheridan College Program in Design, she possesses a diverse skill set in different facets of design, including branding, packaging, illustration, UI and typography.

Yas’s dedication and creativity led to the development of her passion project titled, “Duolingo: Word to World” which tackled the often overlooked but crucial act of correctly pronouncing different names. Her project prompted to high recognition and subsequently landed her achievements that included the Applied Arts 2021 Digital Advertising award and the National Silver at the ADCC 2021 Interactive competition.

Her proficiency in video editing allows her to combine motion graphics, animation and storytelling techniques seamlessly, creating videos that both engage and inform. She is comfortable taking over any social media platform, crafting content that effectively engages audiences, conveys brand messages, and foster meaningful connections.

Driven by her love for storytelling, Yas recognizes the transformative power of design in shaping everyday experiences. She believes that every visual element has the potential to create a connection, evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact. She approaches her work with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering designs that resonate.

Work superpower: “Bringing anything to life with animation.”

Non- work superpower: “Can recite all the Harry Potter spells.”