How Our Clients Help Shape Us – Professionally and Personally

March 9, 2023
By Jen Farr

From start-ups to multi-nationals, our clients span the full industry spectrum at K&P. This is one of the things I love most about the agency, and for me, one of the most rewarding aspects of working with our clients is being able to learn from a range of industry experts every day.

Whether through research, reports or simply working with executives who are passionate about what they do, below are some examples of how our clients’ work and industry leadership have helped shape who we are – both as a business and individuals.


Having a robust tech practice at K&P means we have a front row seat to the latest cybersecurity trends and best practices. Cybersecurity has always been top-of-mind at the agency, and working with our clients in the digital identity and security space has ensured that cyber hygiene is an integral part of how we store and access data, liaise with internal and external stakeholders and onboard new team members. Participating in ongoing mandatory cybersecurity training and working alongside our IT clients has helped us understand that the first line of defense against an organization’s security sits between the keyboard and the chair. This, of course, translates to our personal lives and helps us become smarter digital citizens outside of the office as well.

Financial literacy

From unconscious spending to cross-border payments and everything in between, understanding money and the role it plays in our lives makes us better PR professionals and agency partners. The importance of financial literacy cannot be understated – it helps us manage budgets, optimize results, measure value and ultimately ensures that everything we do drives our clients’ business forward. We’re incredibly lucky to work with some of the best financial experts in the industry and we continue to learn so much from them.

Workplace well-being

The mental health and overall well-being of our team is a top priority for K&P. At the end of the day, we’re only human, and if we’re not feeling our best we can’t perform at our best for ourselves or our clients. This is true in any industry, but perhaps especially true in ones like ours. Since crises rarely happen between the hours of 9 to 5 and the Internet never sleeps, our industry requires us to be “always on” which can be mentally, physically and emotionally taxing without proper support. In addition to comprehensive benefits offerings, regular check-ins and tailored mental health programs, we have the added resource of working with some of the leading workplace well-being experts in the world. Our clients share ongoing insights on the top challenges faced by employees and employers alike and the solutions available to help navigate them, which serve as regular reminders to ensure we’re providing our own team with the support needed to show up as our best selves every day.

We also have the privilege of working with clients who share insights in areas like hospitality, travel, road safety, real estate and more, so we’re able to learn about trends and topics that impact and benefit us as consumers as well. We are very fortunate to be able to work alongside top experts across industries and sectors, and I believe we’re better people, professionals and partners as a result. As we continue to grow and expand our client base even further, I can’t wait to see what we’ll learn next.

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