There’s a (future) doctor in the K&P house!

July 20, 2021

It’s often been said that public relations is a synthesis of art and science. And now, nowhere is that more apparent than at K&P with the additions of designer, Quinton Massimo (more on him in our next blog) and budding physician, Jaclyn Martyn.

Jaclyn, one of the newest members of our team, joined us as a summer student/intern to learn about the world of public relations. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medical sciences from Western University, Jaclyn has expanded her horizons by working in a variety of industries, including an asset management firm and a food business. With all her experience, and the professionalism, tenacity and curiosity she’s demonstrated, you wouldn’t believe she is only 19(!)

Get to know Jaclyn through our traditional welcoming questionnaire:

What are you looking forward to in your new role at K&P?

I am most looking forward to connecting with new individuals and collaborating on innovative projects together. K&P has a unique, warm, and welcoming environment that will allow me to enhance my PR abilities. K&P has an assorted client portfolio which has provided me with the opportunity to engage with companies from a vast range of industries. Additionally, I am excited to take a short break from my mainly scientific course load and to broaden my perspective in the realm of public relations.

What might people be surprised to learn about you?

I worked at a Dairy Queen last summer and helped build our store’s social media platform by starting a TikTok account. I monitored the account which gained over 16,000 followers.

What TV series are you into right now?

I have been watching a medical documentary series called “Diagnosis” on Netflix. The show is based on articles in the New York Times written by Dr. Lisa Sanders on patients with extremely unusual or rare symptoms that have failed to receive a concrete diagnosis. After the article is published, doctors from all around the world respond with their feedback, interpretations, and judgements.

What does your playlist look like?

Most of my playlists are dedicated to running so I have upbeat songs to keep me motivated on my long, summer runs.

What’s the last book you read?

The last book I read is The Brain that Changes Itself which discusses neuroplasticity and the brain’s ability to recover after injuries. The book examines a variety of miraculous case studies and different techniques used to rehabilitate patients.

Where would your dream trip take you?

My dream trip would have to be to Sardinia, Italy. I would visit Sardinia for its spectacular views, stunning beaches, and the amazing food. This Italian island is filled with breathtaking sights, ancient landmarks, traditional cuisine, and rich history.

So please join us in welcoming Jaclyn – after this summer honing her communications skills, we are confident she’ll bring an amazing bedside manner to her future medical career.

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