Our Holiday Wishes

December 21, 2020

Public relations people aren’t usually in the habit of wishing for good things to happen. We all have a bit of control freak in us and typically go to extraordinary lengths to ensure good things happen, especially when it concerns our clients.

But this has been a year in which preparation, persistence and proactivity have been more than just a little tempered by the pandemic. So as the news of vaccine roll outs provides us with renewed hope for 2021, we thought a few holiday wishes couldn’t hurt either…

As naturally social beings, we all wish to be able to see our friends and family – including our K&P family. Zoom has been an able substitute, but we’d gladly figure out how to dress up again to have the chance to go out and see the people we care about, IRL. And of course, we wish for the continued good health of all of those we love. While we eagerly wait for vaccines for all, we will continue to do the right things to keep everyone safe.

We wish to be able to travel again and to see snow on Christmas morning (and the sheer delight on the faces of our K&P kids playing in the snow – of course, we’ll post pics if that happens!)

We also wish for a little R&R (100 naps for at least one of us, to be precise).

Our crisis training reminds us that every challenge or threat also presents an opportunity. This past year, as soul-crushing as it was, did just that. It made us appreciate many of the things we take for granted.

So, to that point, we make a wish to find joy in all the little things – no matter what, to be thankful for what we have and to remember to be kind and thoughtful to those who may be struggling because of COVID-19.

And we wish you and yours a safe, healthy and happy Holiday season.

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