PR Explained by PR(e)-schoolers

February 16, 2018

Lynnette Visaya

Public relations is a complex and often complicated business. On any given day, our to-do list is a can-do list of a diverse combination of activities like media relations, influencer engagement, technical writing, crisis communications, social measurement and event planning – to name a few. We might spend our morning obsessed with understanding ankylosing spondylitis, and our afternoon obsessed with explaining artificial intelligence.

If you’ve ever tried to explain what a “typical” day at the office looks like to someone outside of the business, you know it can be a challenging task.

”So… Like Nick Naylor in Thank You for Smoking, right?” or “I get it! An everyday Seth Grayson from House of Cards!” or “A Canadian Sam Jones!”

And that’s just the adults – especially those that want to brag about having premium cable. How do you explain what you do to those that may never really understand what “premium cable” is, such as your kids?

In celebration of Family Day, the KLC #bestteam decided to put our own little ones to the test. We asked our sons/daughters/nieces/nephews what they think we do all day at work, and present below – without (much) editing – their responses.

Liam, 7

“Help people set up the news.”

[Ok, we’re off to a solid start.]

Hunter, 3

“Send emos.” (Translation: Send emails)

Darby, 8.5 months

(Translation: The same thing you do at home, Dad. Loud blah blah blah blah blah complain blah.)

Sydney, 2

“She does ballet.”

[Not entirely inaccurate.]

Angelyna, 4

“Read stories.”

[Also, not entirely inaccurate.]

Ella, 16 months


[Also, ALSO not entirely inaccurate.]

Adele, 13

[Reasonably accurate. Though more fun when inaccurate!]

It’s a tough gig – not just to do, but especially to explain. But it’s one we wouldn’t trade for anything.

From all of us (whatever we do) to all of you (whatever you do): Happy Family Day.

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