PR Internship Update: Saying goodbye to Lauren!

August 17, 2022
We had the amazing opportunity to work with the very talented Lauren Webb. She joined us only a few months ago as an intern, where she had her very first look at PR agency-life. We loved her creativity, adaptability and positive attitude – making her an excellent fit to our team. Prior to her departure, Lauren shared her experience at K&P and answered a few questions about her journey over the past few months:

What are the most relevant skills you learned during your internship at Kaiser & Partners?

My time with the Kaiser & Partners team has allowed me to apply the skills and knowledge gained from my education within the realm of public relations. While supporting the team with writing tasks, such as drafting press releases, media outreach materials and social copy, I was able to hone my strategic writing skills to deliver key messages and communicate effectively with various audiences.

As a new public relations professional, I was able to strengthen my organizational and research skills while working with K&P. As an agency that works with multiple clients in a fast-paced environment, I enjoyed the challenges that presented themselves as every day passed. Multi-tasking and staying organized to meet deadlines have given me confidence to move forward in a professional workplace. Regarding research skills, as the backbone of any endeavour, I was continuously given the opportunity to build knowledge, think critically and analyze valuable information.

What are you enjoying the most?

Since the beginning of my internship I was instantly submerged into the responsibilities of media relations. From developing media lists, and supporting the output of pitches, I enjoyed finding media contacts, building relationships with reporters, and gaining coverage for our clients.

On a personal level, I enjoy working with the team here at K&P and collaborating on accounts. As a new professional entering the public relations industry, I am fortunate to have my first PR experience with K&P. I was able to confidently ask for help and guidance, and the positive reinforcement and valuable feedback I received helped strengthen my communication skills.

What has been the most rewarding and challenging parts of your internship?

The most challenging aspect of my internship was getting used to the fast pace and dynamic environment of a PR agency. Working with various clients and multiple deadlines each day/week has tested my organizational skills and ability to prioritize my time. This aspect has also been the most rewarding because I was able to successfully meet deadlines and work towards various client goals. The fast-paced experience pushed me to focus and multi-task efficiently. It is rewarding to see the efforts of daily responsibilities turn into successful campaigns, media coverage or published materials.

What advice do you have for future K&P interns?

Take every day as a learning opportunity. Converse with your fellow employees, ask questions, and get involved. Every task that is assigned is a learning opportunity and provides skill development. Be eager and take initiative to support other tasks and responsibilities. I suggest asking for feedback whenever possible, so you can learn the ins and outs of your role.

Be open-minded and curious. Listen and gain insight from your team. Being open-minded will allow you to adjust to your new position with ease and deepen your ability to learn and gain experience in PR. Staying curious throughout your internship will help you to ask questions when you hear or see something that piques your interest or will help your professional development.

Set goals and share them with your supervisor and team. Setting goals will help you to get the most out of your internship. Vocalizing these goals will ensure that you can work towards expanding your knowledge or skills and the team will help you achieve these goals. The team at K&P want to see you succeed and is readily available to help you gain the tools and skills you need to accomplish your internship.

We will miss you Lauren! We are very grateful for your hard work and wish you the best on your next adventure!

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