KLC welcomes Shane Madill to the team!

April 10, 2019

KLC welcomes Shane Madill to the team!

If you’ve been following along, you probably noticed we are welcoming a number of new team members to KLC. As we mentioned in our last blog, we have welcomed two summer interns to the office this month. Today, we wanted to get to know our new team member, Shane Madill.

What do you love the most about PR?

The ability to help people tell their stories has been a long-time passion of mine and continuing to do so across such a wide range of sectors means that every day will be engaging. My original passion was in writing, but being able to develop my versatility will be exciting. I am looking forward to the wide array of possible projects.

Tell us about the moment you decided you wanted to be in PR?

When I was finishing up my last issue with The Silhouette as the Editor-in-Chief, I remember considering the possibilities of what I could do next. What would be the best fit between my academic background in Economics, my passion for storytelling and the want to improve as a communicator? PR ended up being a perfect fit.

What do you hope to learn over your internship?

I am excited to expand on the lessons learned at Centennial’s post-grad program in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Being involved with as many parts of KLC as possible is one of my main goals to help decide what part of PR I would like to specialize more into.

What do you love the most about Toronto?

Being able to see my family, friends and partner more often has been phenomenal. I can visit my sister living in the city, my parents back in Peterborough and my former colleagues from McMaster easily. Toronto helps me to make new connections and maintain the ones important to my life.

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

Having the opportunity to process and evaluate the previous week is always nice to have. Sleeping in, having a nice brunch, relaxing a bit, enjoying a good movie and catching up with a few friends is a perfect timeline to have.

Shane’s background in journalism will certainly give him an interesting approach to PR. The KLC team is thrilled to have him on board.

Welcome to the team, Shane!

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