Soaking up the sun with our bright new intern, Ninsen!

June 10, 2022
As we jump into the busy summer season, K&P is thrilled to welcome Ninsen Lo to the team as our newest administration intern. With just a couple weeks under her belt, Ninsen is truly the jack of all trades, and has already made a big splash into our dynamic agency pool. 

Ninsen joins with a diverse education background, holding a degree in Communications Studies from York University, a Digital Marketing certificate from University of Toronto, and a Digital Business Office Technology Certificate and a college diploma from Humber College. Ninsen is a proven asset to the team, and we are excited for you to get to know her through our welcome questionnaire: 

What is your favourite type of music?  

I am generally eclectic, but two genres I thoroughly enjoy are mid-20th century oldies and 90s pop/alternative. I enjoy 50s and 60s tunes because the entertainment value I get from music of that era is not something we can find today. I also enjoy music from many other decades. Music from the 90s reminds me of the flare and bubbly nature of that era. The alternative scene also brings out my inner edge on other days. 

What’s your favourite time of the day?  

Evening – it is the calmest time when there are fewer distractions, and the stars align. I am generally a nocturnal person whose thought process is most alive after it is dark outside. I also do my best work well after most people are sleeping.

If you could time travel, when and where would you go?  

That is a tricky one. But if I could, I would go back to the late 90s to see the Spice Girls performing at Wembley Stadium. I had always wanted to see them live but never got the chance. Due to the nature of their relationship, I’ll probably have to accept the fact that it isn’t likely to happen.  

Is there anything you wish would come back into fashion?  

This has been over two decades in the making, but I’d have to say the styles from the late 90s and early Y2K. I’m just happy to see that I got my wish. It only took about 20 years! I really enjoy the fun sophistication of this era. Though some of the things may have been tacky in retrospect, it did have its suave elements. It truly was a time when it was okay to be different and to challenge the parameters of the status quo. 

What’s your favourite quote?  

This one just occurred to me more recently, but it goes, “don’t you just wish you could delete everything you said as you said it?” It’s from the film How Do You Know (2010). I believe Owen Wilson said it first, if I’m not mistaken; then Reese Witherspoon reiterated it towards the end of the film. As I have gotten on in life, I really have come to realize the power of words. I have become increasingly conscious of not saying things that I’ll regret later and choosing my words wisely. 

Welcome to the team, Ninsen! Your bright personality, positive energy and willingness to learn has already been such an inspiration. We are excited to watch you grow in the coming months! 

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