Bienvenue Chloé!

April 16, 2019

Janine Allen

Spring has sprung and that means longer days, warmer temperatures and a brand-new colleague poised to help us grow our Montreal office!

Chloé Lebouc, directrice de comptes senior, has made Montréal her home for the past four years. Born and raised in France, Chloe worked at TBWACORPORATE in Lyon prior to moving to Canada.

Chloé came to Toronto this week to meet the team for the first time and we figured it was the perfect excuse to get to know our new teammate. So, we asked her a few questions…

What are you looking forward to in your new role at KLC?

To be everyone’s secret spy in Québec! I’m truly looking forward to working in both markets and to learn as much as I can to incorporate a fresh outlook on the work and contribute to KLC’s client development in Québec. The Québec market is very dynamic, so I hope that in the long run, we will continue to build something interesting here as well and all benefit from that melting pot.

What do you love most about PR?

That you actually get inside the circle of information: there’s nothing more exciting, when you have smart content in-hand that the public doesn’t know yet and get to be part of all the different steps that need to happen for media to convey it and for people to learn about it.

Being a spy and getting “inside the circle of information” sounds very mysterious. Do you have any secret talents?

Although I’m French, I burn everything I intend to cook. But I can draw and paint.

So…in that case, I assume you eat out a lot. What is your favourite restaurant in Montréal?

Le Quartier General. Not ‘cuz the food’s good, but because my friends work there (JOKING – the food’s obviously DELICIOUS!)

What TV series are you into right now?


What has been your proudest career moment to date?

I have several!

– Helping launch Uber Eats in Quebec and helping start new discussion about Uber in the Province (I know, controversial!)

– Organizing Bombardier’s annual meeting of shareholders for three years in a row

– Managing campaigns in France, from Canada, to promote international clients

So there you have it – our international woman of mystery, unmasked. Though, it seems a girl has many faces…and that sounds just about right for a successful career in PR!

Welcome Chloé!

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