Celebrating Spring Success

June 1, 2023
By Janine Allen 

I’ve been a bit delayed in providing an update on K&P’s last quarter of activity, but for good reason – we’ve been busy celebrating! As I finally have a chance to sit down and reflect on it all, I’m pleased to report on this period of growth, recognition, and the addition of exceptional talent to our team. Let’s dive into the details! 

Proud to be named one of HRD Canada’s Best Places to Work 

Last week, Kaiser & Partners was recognized as one of HRD Canada’s Best Places to Work. This prestigious honour reflects our commitment to fostering an environment that nurtures employee wellbeing, professional growth, and a strong sense of community. We believe that a positive work culture directly contributes to the success of our organization, and we strive to create an exceptional workplace experience for our #K&PBestTeam. 

Award-winning communications  

On Tuesday, we attended the CPRS Toronto ACE Awards Gala to celebrate some of the incredible work from 2022. It was the gala’s first return to in-person festivities since 2019, and as current President of CPRS Toronto, I am very proud of the work of the ACE Awards committee. As President at K&P, I’m also incredibly proud of the K&P team for their smart, impactful and creative campaigns. We took home seven awards from CPRS Toronto, adding to our two IABC Ovation awards this year. We can’t wait for the CPRS National awards gala next week in Whistler!  

Award-winning team 

On the topic of awards, we are thrilled to share that our very own Mia Palantzas, took home the leadership award for New PR Professional of the Year! Mia joined K&P as an intern last April, and has proven to be incredibly smart and efficient, demonstrating proactivity across all accounts, and showing exceptional attention to detail. Despite being fairly new to the profession, she has already started to play a role in training other professionals and new team members by providing feedback and direction as they learn the ropes. Congratulations again Mia!  

Montréal office successes  

The Montréal office welcomed several new clients over the past quarter, helping Canadian organizations approach the Québec market, leading both local and national accounts and collaborating with Francophone communities. With a dense media market, a rich and varied network of influencers and opinion makers, communicating in Québec and in its regions provides new and valuable opportunities for clients. Our team masters the art of engaging stakeholders with agility and efficiency, from adapting national campaigns to resonate with local markets and applying creative thinking to developing relevant and impactful Francophone strategies.  

Welcoming new additions to our team 

We were pleased to introduce and welcome (at press time) five new team members over the last few months:  

  • Angelica Carolino, account coordinator, marketing communications 
  • Yas Khavarian, graphic designer, visual communications 
  • Gabrielle Poirier, senior account manager, marketing communications 
  • Saskia Rahim, account manager, digital communications 
  • Inès Nekmouche, account coordinator, Montréal 

Each of these individuals brings unique skills, experiences, and a passion for their respective roles. Welcome to the #bestteam and we look forward to your contributions. 

Recognition of outstanding team members 

At our agency, we believe in growing and recognizing talent from within. We are proud to announce the well-deserved promotions of Carrie Pala (to senior account manager), Quinton Massimo (to senior graphic designer), Mia Palantzas (to senior coordinator), Emma McNally (to senior coordinator) and Ray McIlroy (to senior vice president). Their hard work, commitment, and exceptional performance have contributed to the growth of our organization, and their talent continues to inspire me every day.  

What’s ahead? 

As we head into the summer months, we remain committed to prioritizing the wellbeing and professional development of our team while fostering a culture of tenacity, teamwork and inclusivity, exceeding communications objectives on behalf of our clients. We also plan to have a great deal of fun along the way. Stay tuned!  

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