Corpay Completes Sale to FLEETCOR



Corpay (formerly Cambridge Global Payments) is a leader in cross-border payments services and hedging solutions with offices in North America, Europe, and Australia.

The brief: 

Corpay, a privately-held company, began a strategic review with the intention of selling itself. The client engaged K&P to assist with internal communications, to ensure that employees, customers, and vendors understood the benefits of the transaction.

The Outcome:

To ensure that key stakeholders understood the transaction as a well-planned exit strategy, K&P divided the project into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Pre-announcement – strategic positioning
  • Phase 2: Announcement Day – targeted communications to stakeholder groups
  • Phase 3: Post-announcement (closing, integration process) – close the loop on communications

In the end, K&P was successful in communicating to stakeholders the value the transaction would add to the company, leading to a smooth integration and strong, consistent collaboration.