Gaëlle Khairallah 

Account Manager, Montreal

Gaëlle is a problem solver who always integrates passion, research and creativity in every project she takes on. Her experience spans across various B2B and B2C industries with a particular focus on artificial intelligence, technology, retail, healthcare, logistics, pharmacare and supply chain/distribution. 

Gaëlle kickstarted her professional growth at a young age, taking on several leadership roles such as President of ConcordAI, where she represented and assisted the artificial intelligence community of students at Concordia University. She then launched her career in public relations with an internship at AI Launch Lab, where she amplified the efforts of the organization through curated educational programs. Before joining K&P, Gaëlle worked at Tecsys Inc., a supply chain software vendor, on international projects targeted towards several markets in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark and Canada.  

Through her exposure to the B2B and B2C market, as well as her experience living abroad in Scotland, the United Arab Emirates and Canada, Gaëlle has developed an invaluable understanding of the needs of different businesses, sectors and strategic communications. 

Gaëlle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in community, public affairs and policy studies, with a minor in professional writing and marketing from Concordia University, where she graduated with distinction. She is fluent in English, French and Arabic.  

Work superpower: “Divergent thinking.” 

Non-work superpower: “Somewhat of a foosball champion.”