Mallika Tiwari

Account Manager

Mallika is an accomplished communications professional who believes in an integrated approach to communications. At K&P, Mallika brings her strategic planning to investor relations and communication programs across real estate, HR, cannabis and corporate sectors. 

Over the years, she has worked with technology, corporate and finance clients like Microsoft, American Express, Intel, General Electric and Uber.

Prior to K&P, Mallika worked with a leading technology company where she managed marketing and communications for their San Francisco and Canada markets. Previously, she has also worked on the design and delivery of integrated communication campaigns for a global communications agency. As both an internal corporate communications specialist and external consultant in an agency, her roles have helped her gain a holistic view of communications.

Work superpower: “Finding the right mix of PR and marketing.”

Non-work superpower: “DIY home-décor projects and acrylic paintings.”