Ray McIlroy  

Senior Vice President,
Marketing Communications Practice Lead

Ray specializes in bridging the gap between corporate and consumer communications strategies, often within a single mandate. Combining fundamental PR skills with emerging trends and all aspects of the marketing mix, he seeks out the most effective solutions for his clients without being limited by sector-specific channels. With a passion for mentorship, he continuously looks for new, meaningful opportunities for team members that allow them to embrace their individual strengths and grow as effective PR professionals.  

Throughout his career at Kaiser & Partners and within leading integrated marketing agencies, Ray has provided creative and strategic direction for an incredibly diverse range of clients from national CPG brands, real estate brokerages, agricultural boards and financial institutions to international airlines, eSports organizations, wine and spirits distributors, and telecoms companies. With a passion for research, Ray immerses himself into each clients’ business and industry quickly to be able to provide insightful and relevant strategies. 

When necessary, Ray has also coordinated media logistics and staffing for events with high visibility dignitaries including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman and various other ministers. 

Ray is a proud graduate of the Niagara College Public Relations post graduate program and sits on the Canadian Marketing Associations newly created creativity council. 

Work Superpower: “A calm and strategic approach to any challenge.” 

Non-work superpower: “Whisky identifier.”