Here We Grow! Madison Joins The Toronto Team as Tech Lead and Senior Director

February 6, 2023
By Madison Hawkins 

Before Emily in Paris there was The Hills, a reality show where viewers got a “behind the scenes” peek at how a young woman navigated working at Teen Vogue, interning at a PR agency with a nightmare boss and attending NY Fashion Week. I was sold and fast forward a few years later, I was a PR intern at FASHION Magazine in Toronto.  

I learned that interning and public relations are not accurately depicted on reality TV (can you believe it?), however, my internship and subsequent entry-level role at a boutique PR agency introduced me to what I still love about PR and agency life today. The ability to work with clients across industries with no two days being the same, to work with and learn from some of the smartest, most creative people I’ve ever met, and to find an outlet for my love of storytelling and extreme organization and planning wrapped into one.  

It’s been 12 years since my first internship, and I’ve had so many highs and learning moments along the way. I have worked backstage at Toronto Fashion Week, planned events with A-list celebrities, worked multiple TIFF seasons and staffed red carpets. I have also organized nail polish colours, set up and torn down countless events, become an expert at shipping and packed hundreds of loaves of raisin bread into media mailers. It’s not all glamourous, and after working in boutique, medium sized and large agencies on clients ranging between tech, auto, government, health, travel, food and beverage, beauty and fashion, I knew it was time to find an agency that would be willing to grow with me and allow me to do work I feel passionate about.  

My previous positive experiences with clients in the tech space led me to join the K&P team as the Tech Practice Lead and Senior Director. Canada is one of the fastest growing tech markets and I jumped at the opportunity. My first few months have solidified the shared desire to expand the practice and continue to nurture talent. I relish the opportunity to join a team that is open to having their ideas pushed further, stay curious and is always considering how our work will benefit our clients. During my first quarter at K&P I have felt challenged, appreciated, excited and fulfilled and I’m looking forward to many more.  

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