Nathaniel’s talent is music to our ears

May 14, 2021

When we learned that Nathaniel Glassman, one of the top students of the latest cohort of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Centennial College was interested in joining our team, it was music to our ears. Professionally trained in music composition, Nathaniel has been diving deep into the communications world for over a month now and we couldn’t be happier. In today’s blog, we get to know Nathaniel and what interests him the most about the exciting PR world.

What do you love the most about PR?

I love that PR allows you to work with many different industries. As someone who has a broad spectrum of interests, the opportunity to learn about the unique world each client occupies is an enticing one.

What has been your proudest career moment to date?

While I was a student at Centennial College, some classmates and I developed and executed a campaign called COVID Conversations that aimed to highlight the unique difficulties facing Millennials and Gen Z in the GTA as they attempt to navigate life under COVID-19. My group and I recorded real people sharing their stories and made them into podcasts, offering an avenue to share people’s experiences that are often overshadowed in the media by daunting pandemic numbers.

Once the campaign was launched, I pitched the story to CBC Metro Morning. They were interested in picking it up and I was interviewed by Ismaila Alfa in late March. Needless to say I was terrified, but I clung onto the COVID Conversations key messages for dear life and made it through the interview unscathed.

The CBC Metro Morning interview is my proudest career moment to date.

Do you have any secret talents? What might people be surprised to learn about you?

People may be surprised to learn that I have a degree in music composition. I used to play piano, guitar and trombone. While it was tremendous fun, you can imagine how far that got me career-wise.

While I don’t really play music anymore, I am known to put on a memorable performance at karaoke. Bring your earplugs!

What TV series are you into right now?

I am currently obsessed with How To with John Wilson. It is a six-episode docu-series where filmmaker John Wilson roams around New York speaking with anyone who will speak to him. He meets some of the strangest characters imaginable. This show is the definition of fact is stranger than fiction. It is a difficult show to describe, but it is unlike any other show I have ever seen. It is a unique viewing experience amidst a world of generic television. Please watch it! I am desperate to talk about it.

What does your playlist look like?

Working from home can be challenging and burnout is very real, so I have been listening to a lot of ambient music to help me stay calm and focused while working remotely. Four Tet, Haruka Nakamura and Emily A. Sprague are three artists that have been on repeat since September. They really helped me get through those dark winter months.

Where would your dream trip take you?

I would love to visit China. The mountains and rivers look stunning. There are so many well-preserved artifacts and historical sites that would be a once-in-a-lifetime treat to see. Also, I am a sucker for crowded food stalls and restaurants lit up by neon signs. I want to be there, roaming through the busy streets.

We are glad he decided to explore everything PR by joining our team and look forward to helping him learn the Do-Re-Mis of our industry.

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