Spring in full bloom at K&P with new hires and promotions!

May 27, 2022
Janine Allen

The days are getting brighter and warmer, and patio season is almost here! But for K&P, there are so many other reasons to celebrate this spring.

We recently hosted our “K&P Homecoming,” an event to mark the official unlocking of the office doors. While workplace flexibility has been a part of our culture for years, and will continue to be, it was important to us to welcome everyone back in our own, K&P way; and for many, it was the first time they were meeting new colleagues!

And following this employee event, I thought it was a great time to celebrate them more broadly as well! So, please allow me to take a moment to celebrate our new hires and promotions!

Maxine Bullock, Account Coordinator

Maxine joined us as an intern early in 2022, and it wasn’t long before we knew she was a keeper! Maxine quickly demonstrated talents for media relations, research and writing to effectively communicate clients’ key messages across a multitude of sectors, including human capital, financial services and technology. But more than that, we just couldn’t picture a no-Maxine future at the agency!

Emma McNally, Account Coordinator

Emma started as an intern as well, a few weeks after Maxine, and her hard work and dedication earned her a place on the full-time team this spring as well! Emma brings strengths in social media and reporting and measurement to her accounts, which include financial services, professional services and real estate. We’re so glad she’s joining our growing team!

Duane Turner, Account Manager

Duane joined the team in March, bringing 6+ years of valuable experience working in and with the media – as editor and producer early in his career, and more recently, in roles in community management and content creation. Duane will also provide leadership for our growing visual communications team, helping clients tell their story through visual mediums and channels. Beyond his vast talent, his optimism is contagious, and we’re so glad he’s here.

We are also pleased to welcome Lauren Webb, Krishna Daly-Erraya, Ninsen Lo and Mia Palantzas, who joined as spring/summer interns and are already helping their teams with big wins for accounts.

Finally, I want to call out a few incredible individuals who earned promotions over the last few months. While their personal goals were individually achieved, they all demonstrate a commitment to team, client success and a growth mindset that is admired by all of us!

Nathaniel Glassman, promoted to Senior Account Coordinator

Jen Farr, promoted to Senior Account Manager

Keera Hart, promoted to Account Director

Maggie Hall, promoted to Senior Account Director, Financial & Technology Practice Lead

Chloé Lebouc, promoted to Senior Account Director, Montreal

Janessa Bishop, promoted to Vice President, Digital Communications Practice Lead

If you’re a customer of one of these stars, this surely comes to no surprise to you. (If you’re not a client yet, maybe you should be! ????)

I’ve said it many times before, but it bears repeating: I am so proud of this team and how they support each other’s growth and success. Seeing their growth is a privilege I don’t take for granted!

Learn more about all of these individuals, and the rest of our #bestteam here.


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