The KLC Work Family – how well do we know each other?

February 14, 2020

Jen Farr

By Jennifer Farr

For past Family Day posts, we have had some fun asking our family members, young and old, what they think we do for a living. Some were accurate and some … not so accurate. We were very entertained with the answers we received, and learned that it can be challenging to guess a day-in-the-life of someone when you’re on the outside, looking in.

This got us thinking what about the people who DO know what we do at work every day? What about the people who are right there with us, on our good days and bad days, who probably know us in ways our friends and families may not?

This year, we wanted Family Day to also include the people we spend most of our time with – our KLC family! We thought it would be fun to draw names out of a hat (well actually, a mug, since mugs hold a very special place in our office) and guess what alternate career that person would pursue if they had never gone into PR/comms. Were we spot on or completely off base? Let’s find out:

“I love being creative and bringing people together, so I think being an event planner would be really fulfilling and fun! Plus, a job where I don’t have to sit at a desk most of the day would be a bonus.”

  • Kelly

“I could see Kelly being a primary school teacher. I bet she’s amazing with kids and would come up with the most fun and creative lesson plans.”

  • Jen, about Kelly

(Not bad! Teachers are definitely creative and bring people together!)

“For me: something in travel/tourism – it was my first career and continues to be my personal passion.”

  • Janine

“The first thing that popped into my mind is that she would be a lawyer. I’m not sure if it’s a career she would be interested in pursuing, but she would be amazing at it.”

  • Catherine, about Janine

(While not actually her first career, Janine’s initial plan WAS to be a lawyer. She even wrote the LSAT, but the moment the test was done, she had a “What am I doing?” moment and changed career paths right there and then.)   

“For myself, so many things, but the top three are: photographer, psychologist and vet.”

  • Angela

“I could see Angela being a teacher probably high school.”

  • Kristina, about Angela

 “For myself, I’d be the host/reporter of a kids television show. In the Netherlands, we have a news show especially for kids, in which difficult big national and international news stories are explained in a very easy way … I must admit that I’ve applied once. So when I come back in another life, you’ll see me on TV.”

  • Fleur

(Hey HET KLOKHUIS! We think you missed out not choosing Fleur! Your loss, our win. )

“I think Fleur would have been a fantastic Flight Attendant. She’s bilingual, she’s kind and attentive, and she loves to travel. ”

  • Keera, about Fleur

“If we’re being realistic, I’d most likely be working in business development/brand partnerships for a global company. If we aren’t being realistic, but on brand with my KLC reputation, I’d be a reality TV personality.”

  • Catherine

“Catherine would be a professional athlete/model, influencer and advocate for women.”

  • Anne, about Catherine

“I would probably be traveling the world doing humanitarian work. Well, that’s the dream, but in real life, I’d probably end up selling margaritas in a beach hut in the Caribbean.”

  • Chloé

“Professional spy.”

  • Shane, about Chloé

“I would have become a guitar player in a rock band or, even better, a music producer. Or maybe I’m only dreaming … I would have ended up home alone with my two cats thinking about opening a cat shelter.”

  • Raphaël

“Secret agent.”

  • Janine, about Raphaël

(Hmm … some interesting parallels happening with Chloé and Raphaël from our Montreal office!)

Whether we were right or wrong, it’s clear that we’ve got a team with lots of different personalities and passions (a contributor to why we have so much fun at the KLC offices, no doubt). It was nice to see that creativity seems to be a common theme across the board for more than just what we do, but for who we are and how we see one another.

If you’re on a beach in the Caribbean, opening a cat shelter or becoming a professional photographer, we hope you’re doing something you enjoy and spending time with people you love this long weekend.

From our KLC family to yours, Happy Family Day!

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