Welcome, Kelly!

November 7, 2018

Erin Griffin

The season has changed, the time has gone back, and KLC has a new intern to introduce you to! Earlier this month, we welcomed Kelly Morgan to our growing team and she has been hard at work getting to know our clients and making herself at home in our Toronto office.  We asked Kelly a few questions to help us all get to know her better.

What do you love the most about PR?

  • I enjoy so many parts of PR but for me the best part is the versatility! I love how every day I can be doing something different or be working on projects with new people. I think this makes a career in PR stimulating and one where I can constantly be learning.

What do you love the most about Toronto?

  • My favourite part about Toronto is the diversity; especially the food. I love eating food from different parts of the world and living in Toronto makes it so easy and fun. My favourites are Indian, Korean, Thai or Vietnamese – a lot of Asian cuisines! I think going out for dinner, especially if it’s communal, is such a great way to spend time with friends.

If you choose any city in the world to live in, what would it be?

  • I would love to live in Berlin, Germany. I think it is the most quirky and fascinating city! I love the history there. Plus, it has so much greenspace, such distinct neighbourhoods with tons of personality and it’s so easy to travel to other European cities. If I could wake up tomorrow speaking German, I’d move there in a heartbeat.

What TV series are you into right now?

  • I just started to watch Maniac, a series with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone on Netflix. It seems to be set in a near-future dystopia where Jonah Hill’s character suffers from schizophrenia. It’s interesting so far, but pretty dark.

What do you hope to learn over your internship?

  • I hope to learn how to be a more valuable resource, where my responsibilities and efforts (small or big) help to make the company stronger and more successful. I hope to grow professionally and become even more productive in my role. I love working on a team and plan on spending my time being as helpful and useful as possible!

We’re so glad to have Kelly on our team. With so many exciting client projects on the go, we know Kelly will be a valuable addition. Reach out to her and say hi!

Twitter: @ThatKellyMorgan
Email: kelly.morgan@kaiserlachance.com

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