Winter Internship Update: Saying goodbye to Suneet!

May 18, 2021

We had the amazing opportunity to work with the super talented Suneet Chandi. She joined us to learn about corporate communications and agency life, but she left a positive mark on our team with her amazing energy, positive attitude and willingness to learn. Before departing, Suneet shared her recap of her experience – and some wisdom for the interns who are joining us this summer.

What are the most relevant skills you gained during your time at K&P?

Before starting my internship, I felt that my time management and multitasking skills were great. I thought so because I was able to juggle six classes at university, each with their own assignment and deadlines, with no problem. After completing my internship at K&P, it’s safe to say I was wrong! This position improved my time management skills and my ability to multitask.

What did you enjoy the most?

Getting the chance to improve my creative writing skills. There were so many opportunities for me to raise my hand and take on writing projects such as press releases, blogs, pitch notes, social media posts, internal communications and more. Some of these communications allowed me to be more creative,and they were all great chances to get some amazing feedback from the team on how I could take my writing to the next level.

I also enjoyed conducting research for different clients. It allowed me to learn about and dive into a myriad of topics that I would have otherwise known absolutely nothing about.

What was the most challenging or rewarding thing you did?

Pitching to the media definitely comes with its challenges and rewards. It can be disheartening when some stories don’t get the expected attention. At the beginning of my internship, it felt like I was doing something wrong, but the team was always encouraging and explained that it depends sometimes on the news cycle and that I was learning and getting it right!

On the flip side, there’s no better feeling than securing an interview or editorial piece for a client. The team always found a way to boost me up whenever I locked in a media opportunity. Their messages of congratulations and celebration over Slack were so welcome, especially in this virtual time due to the pandemic.

What advice do you have for our future interns?

Take every opportunity that the team gives you! You may feel like you’re not experienced enough to take it on, but I promise you they will do everything they can to set you up for success. During the beginning of my internship, I felt like I didn’t belong because everyone else on the team was so knowledgeable and I felt that I knew nothing… It took me a while to realize that my mindset had to be open to learning so fast to allow myself to grow in my role.

This internship will teach you so much – you be like a sponge and soak up every little last bit of knowledge and information.

I would also encourage future interns to attend the K&P Friday hangouts and any other opportunities to socialize (remotely for now, or in-person when the offices open). When working remotely, it can feel very isolating, but events like these offer an amazing chance to get to know everyone on the team and make friends.

We are so thankful to Suneet for choosing us to be her first PR industry stop on what we know will be a long and successful career. While we will miss her, we hope to convince her to join a future in-person Friday hangouts!

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